At this very moment, you don’t know who to trust.

Everyone always played you like a violin.

Being forgiven and letting your heart be exposed.

For it only to be abused again.

Never knew what love is.

Somehow, I learn to show it.

Maybe I’m doing it wrong.

What if I’m not giving enough?

What if this how love suppose to be?

The screaming, fighting, maybe this is love.

Fighting to keep you.

Obeying their rules and never listening to myself.

Maybe this is what love feels like.

Taking your breath away until you blue in the face.

Where people judge you for being your authentic self.

Maybe this is love.

Throwing it away then making you find it.

Like a dog getting its bone and running back to its owner in a continuity cycle.

Maybe you own me and that what love is.

Controlling every part of me and action I choose to do.

Controlling my mind and voice.

With you, I am a robot that you created.

Forgetting who I am and programming myself to the creation of just you and me.


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