How To Deal With Procrastination?

“Today is the day to get started with my paper.” I always say when I have a paper due but end up waiting until the last day. It’s not I want to do it the last day but it’s that rush, the high you get from being stress that help your mind be able to stay focus.

This is one of the biggest problem that our generation is facing. We always procrastinate something important that we suppose to do. If it is very important to us then why do we feel the need to ignore it and put our attention towards something else that have less importance? What makes us wait until the last minute to finally get it done?

How can I stop procrastinating? In some ways it can be changing time managing skills, understanding where you put majourity of your time.

Ways to stop procrastinating

  • 2 minute rule- complete a task for 2 mins and then do another one for the next 2 mins and so on.
  • Set your tasks from categories big to small and majority of the time to less time. (This way by categorising what you have to do, it won’t seem to overwhelming)
  • Put on your favorite playlist (you do need to have some fun while doing some of your chores, right!)
  • Take BREAKS!!!! (Make sure to eat something and go outside to refresh your mind again. You might catch a new idea when you go back to your task)
  • Invite friends and/or family along. Who says you have to do this alone? Sometimes the more people you have can help you get done with the tasks quicker and plus you all will be entertaining each other.

Here are some things that you can do to help you not be able to procrastinate most things. Let me know if you have done some to these things or which one you think you wanted to try out. I will mostly be using all of these tips.

Don’t forget you are beautiful just the way you are!



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