What I’ve learned

They say when you get into college, you will change into the better version of who you are but is that really the case? Two years ago since graduating high school, I always wanted to be my complete self to all that I met. So going into my first year of college, I had this … Continue reading What I’ve learned


Living on my own

For the first time in my life I feel like I am on my own. Since transferring to the this university I felt like I am "adulating". Even though at my previous institution I was much farther from home and was living in a dorm, I still felt like I was depending on my parents. … Continue reading Living on my own

How To Deal With Procrastination?

"Today is the day to get started with my paper." I always say when I have a paper due but end up waiting until the last day. It's not I want to do it the last day but it's that rush, the high you get from being stress that help your mind be able to … Continue reading How To Deal With Procrastination?