Everything good

One of the things that I realized throughout my life especially today when I had a breakdown (that a whole other story) is that I stressed to much on what I am not doing instead on things that I have done. There are so many good things that I can be thankful on. There are much more people who have less than me and would love to have my life. Most of these people appreciate everything that they have. Why am I so special that I deserved to talk badly about myself and not appreciate all I have. When contemplating this I realized that social media plays a huge role in this for me. When I stroll down my feed, I see friends and complete strangers living their “perfect” lives, buying makeup products and “glowing up”. Then I wonder to myself why my life not like this and why can’t I “glow up”. Afterwards, I start judging who I am and hating myself and reflecting over my life and paying attention to everything that I failed at. But I realized I’m doing everything wrong. It not about what you are doing wrong but what can I improve and work towards it. You have to appreciate all the good that the Lord had given you. Try to focus on all of the positives that you have around you. So I am making a pledge that I, Shanti will all the days of her life will stay positive and appreciate every good thing that I have and I will take a break from social media at least once a week of each month.



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