New Life

Everything is so annoying. I’m hating everything. Why is god doing this to me? I heard that he do things to build you stronger but it feel like all he ever doing is just destroying me. Tearing me down into pieces and not showing me the light of day. I thought it was suppose to be holy and peaceful, where the followers are peaceful and suppose to help you but all they do is just hate and be jealous. They say you suppose to take the bad out your life but all the bad that I have comes from believing in this so called GOD. How do I know that he even real? This could be something that humans came up with to make you believe in something that science cannot explain and so they can be able to control every thing that you do. I’m so sick of tired of it all, I wanna put my life back in my own hands, NOONE else. Ima do whatever that I have to do to finish school so I can get out of here. I don’t care what I have to do but I’m going to make it out of here. I hate this life. This dumb, boring, stupid life. I don’t care for this. I want a new life.


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