Fresh start

School starting and I’m so happy to be able to have something to do in the week. You know that feeling where all summer was a bore with nothing to do and then school comes along and at least you have something to do. Yea, I feel you too. Especially when you getting fresh start at another school. You have so many mixed feelings when going to a new school. There are butterflies in your stomach, over thinking every action and words. It be three days since I been here and already I love it way better than at my last school. The only down side is that I literally have no friends here. It’s already enough when you are socially awkward and then I commute to school, which makes it a million times worse. Sometimes, I regret even going to my last university only because it was the worst college experience but here at this new school I feel like I would have a better chance. 

There is always a lesson that can be learn in any situation, place, or even person. Atleast, what I always like to say. Even though I do regret going to my old college, there was some good that came out of it. One, I met some really cool people that I could call a friend. Two, I learn what I really want from my college education. Before I entered college I thought it was this thing where you can be free from parents and you can meet new people and have tons of friends. I realized at my old school that having tons of friends doesn’t actually make them your friends. Also, it make you have to much drama than what you really need. Having that one amazing friend is the most valuable thing you can ever ask for. I rather have that one loyal person in my life than millions of other people who will just talked about me behind my back. There were mistakes that I had done that I’m not proud of but honestly it help become an better person. So I don’t regret the decisions that I make. When you make an mistake its OK to be down for awhile but give yourself a break. You are humans, we all make mistakes. Some are worse than others but the most important thing is that you learned from it. Life is all about experiences, the good and the bad, give yourself a break!


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