By myself

Alone in a new school, no big deal you will meet tons of friends. That what they all say. Why do they make it sounds so easy where you meet more people? Especially if you shy or socially awkward. You can't just go up to somebody and start a conversation. If you anything like me, … Continue reading By myself


New Life

Everything is so annoying. I'm hating everything. Why is god doing this to me? I heard that he do things to build you stronger but it feel like all he ever doing is just destroying me. Tearing me down into pieces and not showing me the light of day. I thought it was suppose to … Continue reading New Life

Fresh start

School starting and I'm so happy to be able to have something to do in the week. You know that feeling where all summer was a bore with nothing to do and then school comes along and at least you have something to do. Yea, I feel you too. Especially when you getting fresh start … Continue reading Fresh start